Rent Tools and Heavy Equipment Near You

Renting tools just got more affordable and making money renting out tools just got a whole lot easier.

99 reasons to list... but here are just some...

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent looking for some passive income, a retiree from the construction industry with a lot of tools laying around, or just have some heavy machinery you are having a hard time selling, CHORE TOOLS was meant just for this.

Stay at home mom looking for some passive income?

There are more items in your possession that are suitable for rental than you probably realize. That carpet steamer that only gets used a couple of times a year, that ladder in the garage that barely gets used, or even your lawn or riding mower are all potential sources of passive income.

Retiring from construction game and have little or no use for those tools?

Perhaps you are a retired construction worker or construction business owner with plenty of tools in your possession and have little or no use for but unwilling to sell. Fortunately, you don't have to because those tools can be listed for rental via Chore Tools app.

Getting rid of construction tools acquired for a project?

DIYers working on re-modelling projects or just putting a shed or a playset together end up acquiring a lot more tools than they accounted for going in. Returning those tools is off the table and selling after only a few use at a significant discount is often not worth it so what better way to recoup your investments? Renting out those tools is how.

Looking to earn some income while awaiting a buyer for that heavy equipment?

It's not unusual for Heavy equipment owners looking to sell their equipment not to find a buyer right away as heavy equipment are generally harder to sell due to their cost. One great way to earn some income while awaiting your ideal buyer is to list those tools for rent.

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Some of the features offered within our app includes selection of tools delivery location (via delivery or pickup from tool owner), tools currently posted for rent, tools currently leased out and many more…

User Feedback

"This app brought me a lot of extra cash during the holiday"

Tim D. (Washington, DC)

This app is awesome!

Jim C. (Waldorf, MD)

My days of renting from Home Depot is pretty much behind me! Chore Tools cost roughly 25% less than what those guys would have charged me.

Ray J. (Arlington, VA)