Passive Income Opportunity for Veterans (or anyone looking for a side hustle)


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Military Veterans account for 11% of homeless adults in the US according to Policy Advice. According to the article, “Unfortunately, the number of homeless veterans has been rising over the years and on any given night, around 60,000 veterans are sleeping on the streets due to homelessness. Veteran homelessness is a growing concern among US citizens” One of the top reasons cited for this high rate in homelessness is unemployment. As a veteran owned mobile platform, we owe it to our fellow brothers and sisters that we are doing our part to fight this problem. CHORE TOOLS’ goal is to enlighten veterans about some lesser-known opportunities to earn passive income.

Man drilling with a Framing Nailer

Most people are already familiar with Airbnb for renting out personal home for short term stay or Uber which allows personal vehicle to be used as a taxicab. What a lot of people may not be aware of is a platform that allows people to lease out their personal tools or heavy equipment. That platform is CHORE TOOLS, and it is available via Android and iOs. A fully functional website that provides the same features and capabilities as the mobile app is in the works.

CHORE TOOLS is a peer-to-peer tools/heavy equipment rental platform that works much like Turo or Airbnb. The platform allows owners of tools or heavy equipment to list their items for rental. Some examples of items that can be listed for rental or rented on this app include household equipment ranging from a carpet steamer, cordless drill, roof ladder to gardening or landscaping equipment like lawn mower, riding mower all the way to construction sites equipment like excavators, bulldozer. Put simply, if you can rent the tool from the traditional big box hardware stores like Sunbelt Rentals, Home Depot etc. then you can list it on Chore Tools for rental.

Our goal is to create awareness by encouraging families to turn tools or equipment that they already own into immediate cash. One of the many beauties of our platform is, tool owners do not have to guess or research how much their tools should be listed for because we’ve already done the research. simple search for your tool while listing them will suggest an ideal rental price. Our tool owners can also select how often they would like to make their tools available such as Every day, weekdays only, or weekends only.

CHORE TOOLS offer additional means to boost potential income via tool delivery option. Tool owners interested in earning additional income can do so by offering tool delivery option to parties interested in leasing them. We also incentivize spreading the word about CHORE TOOLS by assigning points for each user referred. By spreading the word via your social media platforms, anyone that signs up using your referral code will earn you points which can be redeemed in form of credit towards your transactions on the app as a tool owner or tool renter. Tool owners can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on what type of tools or equipment they own, how frequently those tools are rented out, and if tool owners are offering additional services such as tool delivery option.

Listing tools or heavy equipment on CHORE TOOLS app is FREE. When your tools are rented, CHORE TOOLS typically charge a platform fee which comes out of your proceeds. This means if you are not earning, neither are we. To start earning, simply download the app from the App store or Google Play list your items (tools, household equipment etc) and start earning.