A:Our tools and heavy equipment are priced competitively because unlike traditional stores whose bottom-line (profit) depend solely on their pricing, our providers in a lot of cases list their tools or equipment as an extra source of income. This affords them the ability and flexibility to price more competitively.
A:Chore tools database is preloaded with inventory of over 3,000 items that can be rented from a typical hardware store ranging from a carpet steamer to construction excavator and just about any tools or heavy equipment imaginable. These items come with suggested rental price that is lucrative for our providers yet competitive in comparison to traditional stores rate.
A:You can set your own hours by predetermining the days and hours you are willing to rent your tools out. The minimum rental duration for tools being listed must be at least a 4-hour block. For instance, you can’t list a tool from 2pm to 4pm but you can list a tool from 2pm to 7pm.
A:Our platform has payment integration feature that allow tool renters to make payment with a debit or credit card. This means tool owners get paid directly without ever physically handling a penny. Money earned from rental transactions are deposited into your Chore Tools wallet through our 3rd party online payment processing partner. You can simply transfer the money from your wallet to your bank account once money is made available by Chore Tools.
A:We encourage our tool owners to list as many tools and heavy equipment as possible. As an added incentive, tool owners with 3 tools or heavy equipment or more are charged a lower rate of 18% which means they keep the remaining 82%. Conversely, tool owners with 2 items or less are charged the standard platform charges rate of 20% while the tool owner keeps 80%. Also, the more tools listed, the higher your chances of being patronized.
A:Certain tool owners require extra protection to ensure safety of their tools which are typically on the expensive side. In such cases, they require tool renters to obtain some sort of insurance before renting out their tools. Renters of those tools will be automatically redirected to fill out this form and secure adequate insurance to cover the tools or heavy equipment being rented. It is the responsibility of the tool owners to confirm that proper protection is obtained before handing out tools or heavy equipment to renter.
A:The first recommendation is to make sure the tool was not misspelled. Also, the search should only include tool names WITHOUT manufacturer brand name. if still not found, you can list a tool manually by entering its name in the “Title” field. This also means that other information that are pre-populated such as rental rates, tool category must be entered based on your best guess. Equipment classification can simply be listed as “Unknown”.
A: Yes. Chore Tools is designed to accommodate tool exchange to take place at locations other than tool owner’s primary place of residence or work. Tool owners have the option to select a meet up location of choice while listing their tool for rental. Some popular location choices include public libraries, local convenience store, police stations, post office etc.
A: Our platform is best described as a hybrid of Sunbelt Rental Tools, Home Depot Tool Rental, and Budget Truck Rental but more affordable, convenient and time flexible. Not only do we offer heavy equipment and power tools rental, a lot of our providers offer delivery and pickup at an additional charge, so you don’t have to make separate truck rental arrangement. Best of all, our rates are approximately 75-80% of the industry standard!
A: The list is practically endless. We believe just about every household has a tool that can be listed on Chore Tools. The list range from a simple power drill to a vacuum cleaner to riding mower all the way to a construction forklift or a dump truck.
A: Yes, in most cases. Tool owners that want additional peace of mind can mandate obtaining insurance as a requirement for any user wanting to rent their tool(s). However, the lowest deductible for obtaining insurance available through our insurance partner is $1,000. As such, tools valued less than $1,000 cannot be insured on our platform. As an added layer of protection, security deposit is withheld on ALL our items as another means to safeguard our tool owner’s interest
A: Potential Earnings is based on a few factors. One of them is the value of the item being listed (renting out a power drill vs mini excavator); rental duration frequency (Weekends only availability vs Everyday tool availability); other services being offered (tools available exclusively for pickup or are you able to deliver to tool renter which comes at an additional charge); the quantity of the tools or heavy equipment listed (riding mower ONLY vs riding mower, grass trimmer, leaf blower etc). Complementary items do well when listed together.
A: Yes. You can list your tools or heavy equipment while only providing pick-up services which means tool renter must find a means for pick up. You may also list your tool exclusively for delivery. This applies when tool owner feels more secure delivering themselves either due to how valuable or fragile the rental item is. The most flexible option is when tool owner offers both options to deliver to renter as well as renter the ability to pick up tool from them
A: The first recommendation is to make sure the tool or equipment is properly fueled or charged as applicable. Next, you should refer to the tool instruction if provided or reach out to the tool owner via the contact information on the Order details or the in-app chat feature (top-right of the screen) to confirm if you are operating the tool correctly. If it turns out you were rented a defective tool or equipment, please file a dispute immediately via the “File a Dispute” button located on your Order details page.